Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marks for the dead tattoo insight...

Some say the Bible talks against this and some say it was the old testament that was referring to people that would cut themselves and mark themselves in worshipping other Gods. Well I have a different opinion on it through years of tattooing and seeing and hearing the stories of many.
  I have found that when people mourn the deceased with a tattoo it can cause an emotional prison to the recipient due to, getting a tattoo that reminds them over and over the pain and loss of the loved one many years after the loss would normally heal and the person can move on.

This happens mainly with tombstones and graveyards or dates of death due to the tattoo being a trigger conversation about the loss for the rest of ones life.So you lose a loved one and you want to celebrate their life in memory BE CAREFUL as to what you choose in this time of grief and mourning because you will live with this and have to explain over and over .

for are sad and in grief over the death and loss and you may want angel wings or a tombstone with their names on it...

Well in 2 years you will still miss the person but How irritating will it be to go around for the next 20 years having to emotionally highjack yourself ,explaining your friends death and yr pain and loss all refreshed over and over again.? Im not saying not to get a memorial tattoo.Im only pointing out what I have seen throughout the years .
 Just be sure it is a happy image or thought the tattoo will provoke and the main thing is no Gloom and Doom like a tombstone ...RIP to anyones loved one lost .I have had 2 sets of parents taken from me so I do know the feeling. Good positive energy to all and thanks for reading.

 Feel free to share this info with a family member or a friend that is wanting to get a tattoo for a lost loved one so they can consider the best way to express it without it leaving an emotional stain on the mind.

Johnny Jackson Texas Body Art