Friday, January 23, 2009

Infinitinks are available at Texas Body Art

Johnny Jackson is contracted as the only artist in Houston to use and offer this latest break in technology in tattooing...
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It's all about skin.

Life, love, pain, pleasure. You tan it, kiss it, wrinkle it, cover it up — or uncover it. It's with you from birth to death and it's your largest, and arguably most important, organ. And it's our business.

Technically, we're part of a two-hundred and fifty billion dollar worldwide skin care industry. But we'd rather focus on what we do: body art, aesthetics, cosmetics and therapeutics. At Freedom2, we've got you covered, whether it's with a tattoo — Infinitink means they're permanent and removable — or shielding you from the sun — using NBlock, which features the best ingredient for blocking UVA and UVB rays.

Our patented and patent-pending Particle Encapsulation and Enhancement (P2E) Platform is what makes it all work — and that's almost as sexy as skin itself. By allowing encapsulation and enhancement of dyes, pigments and active pharmaceuticals, we can apply products to the skin, through the skin or under the skin. It's effective and easy. In some cases, it'll even make you look ten years younger: If that's what you're after — try our skin filler, Clear.

Freedom2's research scientists and market specialists are at work refining and preparing new products. Including both direct and collaborative market opportunities, our annual product pipeline is projected to bring in excess of $1 billion in annual revenues.

And we're just getting started.

Particle Encapsulation and Enhancement (P2E) Platform

From inks to wrinkle fillers, it starts with science. What, your high school chemistry class didn't cover tattoos?

Our Particle Encapsulation and Enhancement (P2E) platform is patented and patent pending, and it's serious technology. Think about it this way, there are beads of all shapes and sizes, and those beads can sit safely on or under the skin. They're made of materials that are either erodible, biodegradable, or non-erodible. What's inside and what is delivered - includes enhanced pigments, dyes, pharmaceuticals that are modified to be safe and effective — can change the way you think about treatments for yourself and your skin.

The scalable P2E platform utilizes multiple and adaptable forms of encapsulation and chemical modification. Freedom2 has developed pilot scale processes (up to 100 gram/batch) and is rapidly developing (under ISO 9001:2000 controls) commercial scale capabilities.

And just in case you're wondering, we own or license broad patent and patent pending coverage, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks on our P2E platform and its related discoveries and inventions. It's all ours, hands off.