Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Texas Body Art is now the only studio in Houston to offer INFINITINK.


We love tattoos. They're symbolic, they represent turning points in lives and attitudes, they celebrate life, and they're a way to stand apart from everyone else. In short, they're a lifestyle choice. And, as with any other choice, you should always have an alternative. Body art is the inspiration behind our first idea, and the one that allowed us to fully realize the potential of the Particle Encapsulation and Enhancement (P2E) Platform): Infinitink.

Infintink is the first and only tattoo ink to make use of the P2E platform. It's applied to the skin just like normal tattooing — yes, with a needle — and it's there forever. Unless you change your mind. In that case, it'll be gone with far fewer laser treatments than traditional tattoo removal. Our scientists have perfected the dissolution of the pigment when passed over with a laser — in short, it just works better.

Freedom2 is pleased to announce that Infinitink is available at the following locations:

All or Nothing - Dave Tedder (Smyrna, GA)

No Hard Feelings Tattoo Gallery - Chris Blinston (Coral Springs, FL)

Stained Skin - Anthony Dubois (Columbus, OH)

Tattoo City Skin and Art Studio - Larry Brogan (Lockport, IL)

Tattoo Super Genius - Damon Conklin (Seattle, WA)

Texas Body Art - Johnny Jackson (Houston, TX)

Third Dimension Tattoo Studio - Brian Murphy (Marshalls Creek, PA)

Winn Tattoos - Chris Winn (La Jolla, CA)

Infinitink is not available outside the United States. As soon as Infinitink becomes more widely available, consumers will be notified through our newsletter. (Sign up for our consumer newsletter.)